planning for the future of rock county 

The Nebraska Community Foundations 

provides a way for people to give back to the Rock County Community.

​McClurg, Jim and Lori

McLaughlin, Stanley and Barbara

Moorman, Terri

Morrison, Daniel and Debbie

Munhenke Agency

Murdock, George

Nelson, Bim and Jeri

Panzer MD, Jim F.

Parr, Doug and Rita Sue

Rock County Growth

Roggasch, Don and Mary

Rumbaugh, Steven and Judy

Sanhill Equipment

Sanger, Bill and Bonnie

Schmaderer, Jon and Jennifer

Schmaderer, Don

Scotts Place

Seberger, Lee and Debbie

Shankland, Gary

Shaw, Tim and Penny

Shovel Dot Ranch

Steinhauser, Scott and Nancy

Steskal, Richard

Stewart Hereford Ranch

Swanson, Dennis and Teri

Swanson, Don D

Sybrant, Jim and Kelly

Terry, Richard ( Dick)

Thompson, Tom and Pat

Thorne, Albert and Joan

Tri County Bank

Van Norman, Robert and Erin

Vetter, Jack

Vetter Foundation

Zumbrunn, Lynn and Joy

  • Contribute to the Rock County Endowment Fund by becoming a member of the 1888 Founder Club with a gift of $1,000 or greater.
  • Contribute to the Rock County Endowment Fund by becoming a Charter Member with a gift of less than $1,000
  • Pick a Community Capital Project to financially support in the future.
  • ​Remember the Rock County Endowment Fund in your estate plans.

charter Members (Up to $999)

Adkisson, Jim and Renee

Arnholt, Jim

Buescher, Brian and Elaine

Clark, Jessica

Cook, Allen and Leanne

Foster, Mike and Jan

Frizzell, Corey J. and Megan

Frontier Communications

Gilg, A Dean

Herrington, Bill and Becki

Huffman, Bob and Sue

Hultman, Scott and Dorrann

Itell, Colleen

Kauffman, Eric and Brittany

Keck, Mark and Mary Kay

Knoetzel, Dave and Linda

Knox, Paul and Kay

Lamb, Howard and Josephine

Rumbaugh-Kepler, Janie

Shaw, Chuck and Ann

Stoltenberg, Brock and Karen

Stoltenberg, Matt

Sybrant, Bill and Carolyn

Walkes, Francis

William Krotter Company 

1888 Founder Club Members ($1,000 +)

benefactors - thank you

Allen, William and Alice

Anderson, Joey and Trica

Basset Livestock Auction

Becker, Tom and Carol

Beed, Vaughn and Teresa

Benemerito, Alvin and Shanda

Buckey-Pechous, MD, Krynn

Buell, Homer and Darla

Buell, Larry and Nick

Camp, Steve and Kristie

Caskey, Dale and Audrey

Coash, Colby

Corkle, Chad and Sonny

Cosgrove, Keith and Tami

Davis, Raymond and Margaret

Davis, Steven and Margaret

Desiderio, Nick and Michele Johns

Dvorak, Matt and Ann

Engler Foundation, Paul F and Virginia

Fischer, Allen and Debra

Fischer, Ben and Lisa

Gale, David and Kristine

Gordon, Dustin and Becca

Gordon, Kayti

Hall, Joan M.

Hasch, Ernest and Betty

Herrington, Beau and Shelly

Hoch, Jim J.

Johnson, Jimm and Betty

Kalkowski, Kay Lynn

Kalkowski Enterprices

Lackaff, Richard and Genevieve

Lewis, Bob and Patsy

Lund, Loren and Marilyn

Mauch, Sally

Mauch, Dick and Carol

Maurer, Jake and Tiffani

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